2016-2017 Chapter Officers

President: Madeline McLoughlin RN, BSN, CNN
President Elect: Joseph M. Lewis RN, CDN
Treasurer: Lauren Webster-Garcia RN, CNN, MA, NEA-BC
Treasurer Elect: Marilyn Eilert  RN, CNN
Secretary: Evelyn Fay RN, CNN
Health Policy Rep: Geri Tis RN CNN

Educational Committee Members:

Marilyn Eilert RN, CNN
Saramma Mathew RN, CNN
Catherine Picarelli RN, BSN, CNN
Alice Hellebrand RN, CNN
Web Master: Joseph M. Lewis RN, CDN
We are always looking for members who wish to become
more active in our Chapter. Please contact us if you have
any suggestions or just want to make a difference. We
encourage all members to join our regularly scheduled
business meetings
Chapter Officers
Chapter officers hold their
positions for two years with
the exception of the President.
Each role plays an important
part in the overall functioning
of the Chapter.

The Presidential role is a
three year commitment
beginning as Pres. Elect, then
President, and finally as Past
President.  This allows for the
mentoring of incoming
officers. It gives the volunteer
time to learn the role and then
to assist the next individual
into the role.

Our Chapter has added both
the Treasurer Elect  and
Secretary Elect positions to
allow time for the incoming
officers to learn the roles.  
ANNA Jersey North Chapter 126